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10 Days of Guided Meditation (1)

You've been wanting to start meditating but sitting in stillness just feels too hard.

These 10 day are different.

We guide you.

You're not alone.

Start today and create a practice for a better life.

What you'll get:

  • 10x guided meditations - approx 15mins each
  • Expert guidance
  • A new habit that supports your entire life

To begin you will complete the meditations in their recorded order to unlock the following meditation. Once all are unlocked they are yours to listen to in any order you wish as many times as you'd like.


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What People Are Saying:

“"I really loved the different energies you both brought, I’ve never experienced a dual guided meditation, the transitions were perfectly aligned and I had a wonderful experience! At the end when my robust beautiful glimmering energy blanket was once again wrapped around me I had an image and also felt myself as a child skip up and sit next to me and embrace me and the blanket in a big hug as if that childlike innocent energy was unearthed in the cleansing and is bright and embracing me once again. It’s hard to explain- but damn I feel like a little puzzle piece just clicked into place. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!!"”

“"I have tried to master the art of meditation for quite some time & while I’m definitely not switching off enough just yet I’ve really enjoyed each day! Today was my fav although I started at 6 while my babes slept but didn’t make it all the way so came back to it tonight! I hope one day soon to be able to visualise more & really drop in to it but enjoying the time either way!"”